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Assalamualaikum & Hi! I'm Atikah Bt Mansor or some calls me Odet(it's a long story). I'm 19 years old enought this year and currently i'm pursuing my studies in diploma in Accountacy at Polisas, Kuantan.

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Already an IPTA student :p
written on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 @ 8:32 AM ✈

First of all, have you answered my salam yet? huhu thank you if you did it :) Ya Allah it's been so long since my last post :'D 2 years babeee (!!) I'm already 18 HAHAHA YESS 18 (but my physically doesn't look like 18 at all tho but ssokay ah 'awet muda' kahkah). I must be lying if I said that I didn't miss blogging, however, I don't know what should I talk about (as you can see, I'm just wasting time). Moreover, I don't have any reader, huhuhu acah-acah je atas tu "pembaca setia". eh but this blog is just like my open diary, why do I ever need a reader? hehehe

Okay gaiss back to our main topic gaiss. haha ya I'm already an IPTA student, Polisas student aka lifestyle student (okay only Polisas students will know what does it meant). My life in Politeknik Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah is just amazing :) Honestly, being an IPT student is not easy but it is not difficult neither. You just need to know how to bring you, yourself either to succeed or not, either to be a good person or vice versa. You choose. Most importantly, choose your friend wisely ! and andd do manage your time (even if you're not an IPT student, you also need this. Jangan nak 'berjimba' sangat. eh wait, am I talking to myself?) okay, I would like to show you guys some Polisas' pictures. Even if you guys do not want to look at it hehehe idc :p 

Nampak lawa but you don't know the 'BTS' stories ;) "Meon", yes thats what we call them (monkeyssss). They're very annoying (!). Their hobby is chasing us for food (sometimes for no reason). huhuhu. We all are going mad (of course) just because of them :( From now on, I hate monkeys :'D 

I think thats all for my first post being an IPT student. In Shaa Allah, I will write again next time if I do have time (and story). Wish me luck in life okay? byebye :D Assalamualaikum.

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