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Assalamualaikum & Hi! I'm Atikah Bt Mansor or some calls me Odet(it's a long story). I'm 19 years old enought this year and currently i'm pursuing my studies in diploma in Accountacy at Polisas, Kuantan.

Hello ~

recent update :
written on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 @ 11:12 AM ✈

This is my 4th semester and it finally going to the end. My final starts this Sunday and I haven't study anything yet, mashaAllah apa mau jadi.. The first paper is Financial Accounting 3. This semester is a tough one but I guess it's normal when u're pursuing your studies are gonna be harder and harder, so I bet my next semester is gonna be tougher than this sem (God I hope not). 

Image may contain: one or more people and shoes

This is kind of a motivational picture for myself πŸ˜‰

Btw, last 24th March was my birthday and Alhamdulillah I'm 20 years old now. There are just 2 problems right now. Firstly, I'm 20 but somehow I'm still an immature girl and always babbling without evolving. How is that? I don't like that. Why am I still a sleepyhead? When am I gonna be a master cooker? Why am I like this? Why don't I change for a better me? haiyo.. I guess I have to make resolutions and like really force myself to make it happen. If there is someone read this, please pray for me to achieve my resolutions hehe thanks!   

Secondly, I am 20 but I don't look like I am. Yes, of course in some condition it's good to look younger than you are, I mean who want to look old right? But at some situation, I hate that I look like a helpless little kid. Peoples, I mean everyone keep undermine or underestimate me in every level! They also don't have respect towards me. It's not that I want everyone to praise me, I just want to feel appreciated. Yesterday, 29/3/2017, I asks my neighbor at kamsis AC Polisas to keep their volume down because God knows how much I've been patience with them since early of this semester. I just simply wrote a nice note and stuck it to their door. Do you know what they did after they read the note? They doubled their voices up, rudely knock the wall and yelled like insane peoples. I am so furious that I feel like I wanted to pray they will fail in their finals. pak jahat aku.. Fuh sabor jelah 😌😌 So can you feel how it's like to be me? Just because someone looks like they don't care, doesn't mean they don't have any feelings dude. Try to be in their shoe.

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Giveaway Chocolate Vochelle by dyan zakhi
written on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 @ 4:47 PM ✈

Don't mess with me, I'm a giveaway lover, hehehe btw do join this giveaway if you're one of the chocolate lover !! (I am). The closing date is 13 September 2015 ;)

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